Anonymous said: hi, i'm a first time cosplayer and i was wondering what the etiquette is for wearing cosplays at cons. should you only wear it one day? should you wear it every day? will people think you're dirty if you do?




It’s really up to you.  Some people have a costume for each day, some people have one costume they wear all weekend, some people do variations of the same costume (so like, maybe a rave version for the rave, or a pool version if they want to go swimming, ect.), it really depends on you.  Heck, some people have multiple costumes throughout the day, like, Friday morning, Friday night, and things like that. There really is no set standard.  

I used to wear one costume for the whole weekend, but as I cosplayed more I got more cosplays to do throughout the weekend.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun with it  :)

Agreed :) I started off with one or two per weekend…now I want to wear so many that there aren’t enough days of each con! Hahaha.

It really is up to you and what you’re comfortable with. I would suggest, though, that you start off with one or two just because you’re new and cosplaying for the first time can be a little overwhelming. 

Also, if you want to get involved right away, look on or the con’s forums to see if there are photo shoots for the show/game/movie/etc. you’re cosplaying from and go to one. They can be super fun, and it’s neat to see different variations and such. I’ve also found that people are happy to chat about how they made things or sharing tips if you ask, so it could be a good learning experience, too!

Have fun! :)

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The Verdict Is In

I had asked my landlord if we could have a cat for my Monkey because of it being conducive to his therapy. I resigned the lease with them today and guess what? There was a pet addendum added in!! Yay!! I’m so happy!

Went to Sunflowers for Wishes at Buttonwood Farm today. In the past 10 years, this yearly event has raised almost a million dollars for Make-A-Wish. Just awesome. Monkey and I had some homemade ice cream, bought a bunch of flowers, and went on a hayride through the sunflower field. Perfect day, perfect cause.




lol I feel this way about Sam too

"He’ll be fine, give it a few minutes."

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Gave myself a manicure today. I had five people compliment me on them in an hour. Considering I do them myself, I’m feeling pretty dang good right now.

Gave myself a manicure today. I had five people compliment me on them in an hour. Considering I do them myself, I’m feeling pretty dang good right now.

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

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Too Funny

D-“Why can’t I marry you, Mommy?”
M-“Because you’ll marry someone your own age. Not til you’re at least 25.”
D-“Then I’ll have to marry Molly.”
M-“Do you think you’ll know Molly when you’re 25? That’s a long way away.”
D-“Of COURSE!! She is UNFORGETTABLE! I’ll NEVER forget her.”
M- *giggles*
D-“Wait. What? Are you JUDGING me?”
M-“No, I’m not JUDGING you! *all out laughter with tears rolling now*
This kid is too much!!

Monkey is becoming more comfortable in the water. He’s even trying to actually swim in pools, WITH HIS FACE IN! This is HUGE!!! Today he went down a small water slide that had a built in sprinkler dropping water on his head. I’m so proud of my little man. He’s pushing his sensorial boundaries a lot more recently and facing some serious, debilitating fears that he’s had. The bonus side? Getting him to shower has become a whole lot easier….