An Honor!

I was once again asked to sing the National Anthem for a roller hockey memorial tournament that happens every year. I did it two years ago, they asked someone else last year and then asked me to do it again this year because they weren’t happy with last year. Yay! My Monkey escorted me on the court. Ignoring the fact that he was saluting with the wrong hand in the first picture, (eh…he’s six, he’s learning) he did it correctly when it mattered. I love my little Monkey.



And So It Goes

I have so many phone calls to make tomorrow. The first one is to Monkey’s pediatrician for his yearly physical, so they can tell me, once again, how tiny he is, as if I don’t already know. Then I need to call and try to get him into a local place around us that does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Art Therapy because currently, we drive, round trip, 90 minutes for a 45 minute appointment. Then I need to call a local stable that offers therapeutic riding because he has expressed an interest in riding lessons, but with his disorders and demeanor, I think therapeutic riding would be best for his comfort zone.

I’m so glad that I decided to home school so that I could not only focus on teaching at his high intellectual level, but really immerse us in his therapies, because truthfully, I have to face the facts that if I DON’T have all of this extra help, I’m not going to be able to keep him off of meds or help him effectively integrate back into a school system, which would be a huge shame because he REALLY wants to go to a STEM school, and we just had a K-8 one open up this year, out of district, but they do service our town, which is AMAZING. I’d love for, once I finish this degree and can land a job (maybe even AT the STEM school) for him to go back to a public school. The whole purpose of me taking him out is to help him gain the foundation that he needs to be able to handle his challenges in an effective way that the school system just couldn’t offer.

Home schooling itself is going well. I gave him a second grade reading placement test on Saturday and he flew threw it. I know that I could give him a third grade one and he would fly through that as well. I just want to make sure that he’s comprehending the words and materials that he is reading as well. He seems to enjoy it and thus far, hasn’t given me any trouble or objections about doing his work.

I’m still managing to maintain an A average in MY college classes and complete what I need to on the job, so again, I call it a win all the way around.

A vent about Facebook because I’m cycling and can’t bite my tongue anymore!

I’m going through my FB feed tonight and I just wanted to scream. Two women are crying, poor me, the world hates me, I must die, because their EX’s are dating someone new….BUUUUUT just posted pictures five hours ago of them with their new “love of my life”, so um, you can’t have it both ways sweethearts. You moved on, did you not think they would? One girl’s response to someone’s similar question? “But I want him to miss me.”  UGH. I can’t. EVEN.

Two people from a particular political party are filling up my feed with conspiracy theory crap. I have friends from so many different stances along the political line that it’s a bit funny, but it’s always people from this particular party that go bonkers with this crap. Just an observation, but OH MY GOD WHY.

One person is hijacking people’s perfectly nice threads to insert political agenda about how something or other is Obama’s fault.  Great, have your own political agenda, but when a thread is NOT political in ANY way, hijacking it to go on a long diatribe is just plain not cool.  Not cool, AT ALL!!

Two people are blowing up my feed with anti-vax, anti-circumcision articles. Oh, and apparently essential oils can cure Ebola. (I’m all for anti-circ and EO’s by the way, I just don’t think they can actually cure ebola.)

One person is posting about how everyone who home schools is going to destroy our society.(Guess I’m contributing to the downfall of society.)

Three people are going Pinterest happy (That website is like crack, I understand.)

At least one person thinks an article by “The Onion” is real and is freaking out about it,

And then everyone else is posting photos of their kid, cats and dogs.  Why can’t everyone just stick with photos of kids, cats, and dogs…or cool recipes. Who can’t use a good recipe?

I’m clearly cycling and moody because this is my newsfeed EVERY day, but for some reason, this evening, I just wanted to punch everyone.

“WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SLICE THEIR PALM TO GET BLOOD. do you know how many nerve endings are in your hand?!?! why don’t they ever cut the back of their arm or their leg or something omfg”

me everytime a character in a movie has to get a few drops of their blood for some ritual bullshit  (via jtoday)

WHILE WE’RE AT IT, why do people try to cross those skinny bridges over lava/chasms/whatever by walking upright. IT’S CALLED CENTER OF GRAVITY. get on your hands and knees and crawl across that thing. HUG IT. SCOOT YOUR BUTT ACROSS. “but i look stupid!” lalalala but we’ll avoid that ~dramatic moment~ where you almost fall over and die because your damn fucking self wanted to look COOL

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and stop yanking IV lines out of your arms the minute you wake up in the hospital 

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That is a broadsword, why are you fencing with it

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There is a freaking door right there. Stop smashing through windows, damn it.

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yes, mr. action hero, I am aware that running dramatically from the baddies at breakneck speed is important, but know what else is important? NOT GETTING SHOT. RUN IN A FUCKING ZIGZAG PATTERN ON THE OFF CHANCE THAT THE MOOKS WERE NOT COACHED IN MARKSMANSHIP BY THE IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS.

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Oh, hey, you there, sneaky hero-type breaking into any place for any reason? WEAR SOME FUCKING GLOVES. They’re called fingerprints, dumbass. You have them and you’re putting them all over the fucking place.

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If something really fucking huge is falling on you, don’t FUCKING RUN ALONG THE LENGTH JUST TAKE LIKE TWO FUCKING STEPS TO THE SIDE

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And for god’s sake, PUT PRESSURE ON THAT WOUND, DON’T SIT THERE AND WATCH THEM BLEED OUT. I’m talking to you, TV cops.

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So excited to be a Tiger Cub!

So excited to be a Tiger Cub!

Our health lessons have been about the food pyramid, healthy foods and where they come from, so, of course, a trip to the local orchard was in order!

I’m amazed at the amount of work my son is able to complete in a short amount of time, all with a few adjustments that the school couldn’t accommodate. I now have a child who is sleeping better and less anxious. I love it! Not to mention, we can do it wherever we feel like for the day!

I’m amazed at the amount of work my son is able to complete in a short amount of time, all with a few adjustments that the school couldn’t accommodate. I now have a child who is sleeping better and less anxious. I love it! Not to mention, we can do it wherever we feel like for the day!

International Beach Clean Up Day

September 20th was International Beach Clean Up Day.  My son and I went to Eastern Point Beach to do our part.  I’m so proud of my little man.

When Life Gives You Lemons

I had to make the hard decision to homeschool The Monkey.  I wish that his school was better equipped for a twice exceptional child, but they really aren’t.  His education was suffering, so was his (and my) sanity.  So, we start on a new venture.  Between work, college and homeschooling, I won’t have any time to myself for the foreseeable future, but it is what it is and I know that I’m doing the right thing.  We did a science lesson at the beach today.  My son had barely cracked a smile in almost a month.  Seeing his face today makes every choice I’ve made in the last week worth it.